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Capitalworks is an independent alternative asset management firm providing investment access and specialist solutions to its clients across a wide range of industries and investment themes in global emerging markets. With a focus on alternative asset investments and a unique team of investment professionals, Capitalworks brings a distinctive edge to the market.

Capitalworks’ professionals are leaders in their respective disciplines who have demonstrated an ability to generate superior returns through principal investment activities. Today, Capitalworks manages more than US$1 billion for a diverse range of domestic and international investors.


Partnership is the founding principle of all our relationships, both externally and internally. The Capitalworks team has committed significant capital to the investment funds we manage, underpinning the alignment of our interests with those of our investors and the entrepreneurs and business owners with whom we partner.


The structure and solid institutional base of the funds under our management provides stability to the business, and facilitates our naturally patient approach. We are committed to achieving sustainable outcomes for our partners, with all our principals having a direct financial interest in the long-term success of our funds. Our incentivisation structure is designed to support this patient approach.


The Capitalworks team applies a consistent, rigorous approach to our investment process, which would typically include, inter alia, site meetings, management meetings, reference calls, reviewing all relevant company documentation and further investigations.

If the opportunity passes this rigorous review, we would retain, as appropriate, the services of reputable consultants, e.g. legal, tax and/or environmental to conduct further due diligence and/or analysis, alongside our team. We also draw on the broader expertise in the group to evaluate and structure our investments in a manner that maximises returns, while protecting capital invested.

Our Guiding Philosophy

Capitalworks’ philosophy is centered on building exceptional businesses through partnering with leading entrepreneurs and management teams. Everything we do is guided by this philosophy and is reflected in our culture and conduct. Every member of our team is passionate in this regard making it a cornerstone of our business.

Capitalworks seeks to add value beyond the capital that is invested. As strategic partners, we are actively involved with our investment partners and bring our collective skills, knowledge and relationships from our team’s effective investment experience.

Our History

The formation of Capitalworks in 2006 brought together a team of investment professionals with significant experience in principal investing, asset allocation and corporate finance, who shared a common vision of creating a leading, independent and professional alternative asset management business concentrating on Sub-Saharan Africa and emerging markets.


Capitalworks South Africa

Capitalworks South Africa takes a holistic approach to private equity investing in both the business and the management team. We look to partner with exceptional operators/entrepreneurs and combine our capital and experience together with theirs in taking the business to the next level.

Capitalworks Emerging Markets

Capitalworks is applying our investment approach to growth equity investing in global emerging markets outside Africa. Our global team is seeking out partners and opportunities across Asia, Latin America and Central Europe, with our primary values of partnership, patience, discipline, and active value creation always in mind.

Africa Capitalworks

Africa Capitalworks is an investment company, specializing in the Sub-Saharan African mid-market (excluding South Africa) private equity. We deploy permanent investment capital and complementary skills in partnership with outstanding entrepreneurs and other key stakeholders to accelerate growth and development.

Venture Capitalworks

Venture Capitalworks is a Global Emerging Market Growth Fund that incubates and invests in disruptive high-growth, high impact businesses, in the financial, education and health verticals.  The Venture Capitalworks approach is one of active conviction, where we take significant stakes in a select portfolio of businesses and actively partner with visionary management teams to deliver exceptional returns along with sustained socio-economic impact.

Sephira Investment Advisors

Sephira Investment Advisors invest in publicly traded, global emerging market equities. The team runs two strategies, being Long/Only and Long/Short. These strategies are represented through a concentrated portfolio of high conviction companies.

South African Enterprise Development 

SAED is an investment holding company that invests in small to medium companies in South Africa and partners with entrepreneurs who manage them.


The Capitalworks Foundation is dedicated to alleviating poverty by creating projects that make a positive difference in the communities we work in. We continue to strive to embark on projects related to sustainable skills development, empowerment for self-sufficiency and entrepreneurship.